Release of Think Like A Butterfly

My first-ever book is launching on and I want EVERYONE to hear about it!

Kindle Edition

Paperback Edition

Hi! I’m T. E. Albertson, and I suffer from chronic depression. It’s prevented me from pursuing my dreams for as long as I’ve been alive, but I finally decided not to suffer alone anymore! Think Like A Butterfly is my cathartic release, my sharing of my long-term battle with depression with the world, and maybe, my way to bring hope to a few of you out there who just might be suffering with me.

This anthology is separated into three sections, each cataloging a different part of my depression:

Depths of Despair

Seeds of Hope

Hope Springs Eternal

The darkest moments of my life are open for any of you to read in Depths of Despair, and you can know you are not alone when you feel that way. It’s a reminder that all of us can really need sometimes.

Seeds of Hope is that fresh, new hope you get just as you’re coming out of a bad depression. You feel like you could do some little things, but the big things still look like too much work. This is a reminder of that taste of fresh hope, something it’s easy to forget even exists when you’re in a bad depression.

Hope Springs Eternal is my final section, and my personal favorite. It’s where my hope truly starts to shine, I believe I really can do it all. Even write a book. This section is the reminder that even people with depression can do ANYTHING they set their hearts and minds on.

I invite everyone who has depression to read this anthology. It may be just a book of poetry. Or it may be just the thing you need to hear to bring you that first ray of hope in a bad depression.

Regardless, stay hopeful!

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